Robin Cisek is a Dark-pop Musician from Alberta, Canada. Due to previous struggles with health problems, Cisek is able to write introspective and meaningful lyrics to create music that is powerful, captivating and vulnerable. Her music has been known to be catchy but mysterious and dramatic, accompanied by dark melodies and unique sounds. Robin’s music is inspired by soulful vocals and alternative beats as well as her own Indigenous heritage. Her voice has been compared to that of some of the female greats in early soul music and of the pop stars of today. Using her powerful and unique voice, Robin projects her emotions to a wide audience.


Robin Cisek’s first singles were developed with the guidance of Grammy-award-winning producers in NYC and LA. These singles received many praises and moved on to be played on radio across North America. Robin’s single, “Waiting on You” claimed the #1 spot on an International music chart. This single remained on the Indigenous Music Countdown for 24 consecutive weeks


Robin Cisek will continue to break the mold of what is expected of pop music. She is dedicated to creating music that has a deep meaning that is relatable to all. Robin’s new music will truly show her dedication to an evocative song and her continued development as an artist. Her connection to her music has been something that guided her through many very difficult times and will continue to be the place where she can express herself the most.


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Through Dark-pop single, “Concentric”, Robin contrasts a childhood euphoria and familiarity with a feeling of being lost and confused. References to the childhood world are used to create a feeling of being deceived by someone you once trusted. Robin’s powerful vocals help to express the frustration of being in a situation that is seemingly inescapable; a concentric path of repeating emotional turmoil. The melodic and dark qualities of this track are sure to capture the attention of any listener.

Silver - Robin Cisek
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Silver is a song about the people that make you feel like gold when you're feeling second best; Silver. Robin wrote Silver after facing serious health problems and undergoing thoracic surgery. Silver was written in recognition of her family and friends who stood by her in these difficult times and continue to make her feel like she can take on the world. 

Waiting on You - Robin Cisek
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Waiting on You is a song inspired by the beat of Indigenous drums and illustrates the dramatics of removing someone from your life that you once cared about. The song highlights the strength it takes but focuses on how it will be beneficial in the long run. Waiting on you is an anthem about strength, maintaining who you are, and trusting your instincts. 

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IMC COUNTDOWN #1 SpotRobin Cisek
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"Your sound is unique and beautiful!"

-Aleata Carpenter

"Silver is F****** gold!"

-Gerry Mattia

"Robin Cisek’s new single “Waiting on You” is a call to move forward after deep heartbreak. We live for a resilient ballad!"

-Jill Kennedy (ELMNT FM)

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