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"...Boldly breaking into the outer realms of sci-fi flavoured Indigi-futurism..."



Robin’s mind is full of her memories and home to a figure of her consciousness who makes decisions to keep Robin safe and happy. This figure is faced with watching painful memories and struggles to see any purpose with storing them. She must make the hard decision whether to destroy the memories and everything connected to them or to try to live with them in harmony. The final destination of these memories could have an effect on Robin’s identity, her future and her perception of herself. 


Robin's music video for her song, "Memories" takes inspiration from sci-fi media and futuristic techwear styles to illustrate the individualized and very personal struggle with that people have with their mental health. Robin Cisek takes on the role of 3 characters that represent different emotional aspects of herself in an aim to find a purpose or final destination for upsetting memories. This project was created at VStudios in Edmonton with a small crew of 2 Metis creatives from the Edmonton area. Robin Cisek did the wardrobe, hair and makeup and visual character design and Strenneth (Aka Adriel Rosenfeldt) did the directing, editing and special effects. They worked as a team to develop the concepts. 


In this music video "A science-fiction world that exists in Robin’s mind, where a version of Robin accesses memories and controls the real-world version of herself.", Director, Adriel Rosenfeldt goes on to say, "The emotional core of the story will revolve around the conflict between memory and identity. By giving Robin’s character the ability to delete memories she doesn’t like, it allows us to see how it can shape her views about the world."


"My album, Delicate Minds, was inspired by how our minds work," says Robin Cisek, "My aim for this project was to create an album that was cohesive both in subject matter and sound. Mental health is complicated; I wanted to create this music to show people with mental illness that they are not alone. My song "Memories" is a song about healing."


Indigenous Super Stars’ Canada 2022, Best Emerging Artist, Robin Cisek is a Metis artist from the Edmonton area who creates melodic electro-pop with an alternative flair. Cisek’s music has been compared to BANKS, Ariana Grande and Robyn. Robin Cisek emerged into her music career after years of struggles with health problems. “My inspiration comes from my experiences and my Indigenous heritage which takes form in my music through concepts, alternative beats and lyrics,” says Cisek. 

Her latest single, “Hey Disaster” (August 2022) has resonated with many people at live shows and through streaming. “Hey Disaster” is Cisek’s highest streaming song across all streaming platforms. Her latest release, “Zeus” (June 2022) has created a buzz in music blogs and has been published in 21 different articles with raving positive reviews. The song also charted at number two on the Indigenous Music Countdown (August 2022) and was nominated for “Best Vocal Category” in the Unsigned Only Music Competition (2022). 

With her Freshman album, Delicate Minds (2021), Robin Cisek created a cohesive project consisting of six songs that discuss the emotional aspects of mental health. “I wanted to create a project that talked about mental health with a sense of hope and healing and cover many different aspects such as trauma, perception of mental illness, and anxiety,” says Cisek. The music from the album and accompanying interviews with Cisek has been published online in many music blogs and publications such as Canadian Beats, Music Insider Global, Buzz Music and more. After the release of her album, Cisek’s career has been on an upward momentum. “Memories”, a song from the album, received an Award of Merit from the INDIEFest Film Awards (2022) and was an Official Selection in the Edmonton Short Film Awards (2022). In 2022, Cisek was chosen as one of CBC and Toyota Searchlight‘s (2022) top 100. Cisek was also selected as one of seven Indigenous artists in Canada to participate in the APTN, RBCxMusic Indigenous Music Accelerator 2021 as well as one of 10 artists to participate in the Indigenous Women in Music residency Manitoba Music. At the end of 2021, she was named the winner of the Ctribe Music Verse competition (October 2021) and chosen as an Alberta Foundation for the Arts featured artist (September 2021).

At the start of her career, Robin Cisek released her first commercial song with the guidance of Grammy-winning mixers and producers in NYC. Since her first song release, Robin has been on the Indigenous Music Countdown top 10 a total of five times. Robin’s single, “Waiting on You” claimed the #1 spot on the IMC in May of 2019 and remained in the top 40 for 24 weeks consecutively.

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