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recording my new song in ne york city
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"Start Spreading the news...

I'm leaving today..."

 Day 1 in the recording studio: recording my original music in NYC at Quad recording studio with Alex Houton. 

Robi Cisek music recording new music in New York city
Robin Cisek looking at platinum records in the recording studio
Robin Cisek posing in the wax museum
Robin cisek in NYC
Alex Houton the music producer smiling with Robin Cisek
Robin Cisek in Central Park
Robin Cisek Music Recordig in the studio
Robin Cisek Music recording in NYC

I want to be a                         part of it...

Day two of recording:

back to the studio, I'm so proud of what I created with the guidance of my producer and family. So many hours, some road blocks and creative breakthroughs

Robin Cisek findin zen in central park
Robin Cisek MUsc recording in quad studios in New York City
Robin Cisek in central park
Robin Cisek posing in front of beyonce's lemonade album
Robin Cisek recording in New York City
Robin Cisek being silly
Robi Cisek Modeling

New York, New York!"

-Frank Sinatra

I'm very proud to say that my music has been finished recording in Quad Recording Studios NYC!!!

I am ridiculously excited to show the world my new music and how far it's come. I could have never imagined such an amazing finished product and my music hasn't even been edited yet! I can honestly say i am very proud of these tracks!!!

Im so lucky to have this experience... the learning, and mentoring opportunities have shaped me as a musician and made me more confident in my craft. I've been able to learn about the business and find myself as a musician, learn about myself personally and what i want for my future.

I've experienced so much support from my friends, family, and even those who I've only ever met once or have only listened to my music or seen me on social media. I truly wouldn't be where I am without you guys!!! ❤

So, I'm going to make everyone wait for any leaks and song names but please follow my music pages on instagram, facebook, and of course my new website (www.robincisekmusic)

I'm extremely excited for what is to come and im hoping you guys are to! Thank you to everyone involved in my music and constantly supporting me!

I cant possibly post this without saying thank you to some special people that got me here. Firstly, Alex Houton who has mentored me and helped me to perfect my music. Alex always teased me about taking notes during our skype calls but i know that they will become a major part in my composure as a musician, song-writer as well as a promoter of my own music. I value his input and his ability to adapt and adjust to my style. I greatly appreciate his hard work on my music, my dream became his. I value how easily we could work together, it isnt always easy to work with people in such a creative and open environment but i can definitely say that it was a partnership that will have a very successful outcome!! Of course i wouldn't be where i am today if it wasn't for the woman that introduced me to a passion for music the very day i jumped in. Michelle Reid has always been there for me. When i was adjusting in high school and growing into my passion for the arts i always had her support. Although i had been going through a hard time in my life as was she, i still felt her support for youth artists and that was what pushed me to follow my dreams. She inspires so many young musicians to be who they are and express themselves through their passions. We always had a connection through our passions. I havr to say thank you for all the young people in the music program who followed their dreams after high school at Bev Facey. I also was lucky to get connected to Martha Livingstone through the music program. She has always seen the great in me and pushed me to be my best. Although it was hard at the beginning i feel like Martha gave me the push i needed and allowed me to grow and develop my vocal abilities to places i never thought i could go. We share a special connection and i feel like she really goes out of her way to learn about her students. We waste a bit of every voice lesson because we talk too much but i trust her with my voice and my career and believe that she would do all she could to allow me to be successful. Across the hallway or across provinces and beyond i feel the love and support from my family and friends. They share my posts and watch my videos on a loop after i post them on youtube. You know you have a great family when you can hear yourself singing the song you sang 2 months ago playing in the next room! Thanks to all the people I've annoyed with my practicing and posting of music on every social media platform! To my dad and sister who deal with my stresses before shows and impractical and loud practicing. They have always supported me and attended my music. I dragged my sister all the way to NYC! Dads at home following his dream and he still phones me every night to see how my music is going. He is very involved, asks me how every voice lesson goes and shows me new songs to try! My sister and i share a love for music and i can say thank you to her for influencing my style from a very young age. And of course i can't say thank you enough to my mom who has been my rock. When i doubt my abilities and myself i always turn to her for a push and guidance. She takes classes to better understand the industry, hands out business cards, annoys her coworkers and fights my battles. She supports me no matter what. I can say i wouldn't be where i am without the rides to gigs, handing out business cards, running some of my music online, and getting me the chance of a lifetime in NYC! We've delt with some 'characters' and jumped hurdles together. Shes always there for me and my music when i need her! Although sometimes it feels like she's my biggest critic i know she wants the best for me and it helps me to improve! Its pretty amazing to have a mom-ager like her when times get tough.

I love each and every one of you! ❤ i hope you all continue to follow me and my music. I promise you big things in the coming year!

Michelle Louise Martha Livingstone @alexhouton @debsabiston

Robin Cisek's facebook post
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