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Missin’ You is an emotional and upbeat ballad about that special person you can’t stand being away from. The best moments with this special person are in the car rides home after spending a perfect day together. Whether there is good conversation or comfortable silence, you always enjoy each other’s presence. With “stars in the rear-view” you drive home knowing that soon, you have to say goodbye. The perfect song for jamming out to on a long car ride or when you’re missing that special someone.


Through Dark-pop single, “Concentric”, I wanted to contrast a childhood euphoria and familiarity with a feeling of being lost and confused. I tried to make eferences to the childhood world and use them to create a feeling of being deceived by someone once trusted.

With this track, we tried to focus on powerful vocals to help to express the frustration of being in a situation that is seemingly inescapable; a concentric path of repeating emotional turmoil. The melodic and dark qualities of this track are sure to capture the attention of any listener.

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Silver is a song about the people that make you feel like gold when you're feeling second best; Silver. Robin wrote Silver after facing serious health problems and undergoing thoracic surgery. Silver was written in recognition of her family and friends who stood by her in these difficult times and continue to make her feel like she can take on the world. 

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Waiting on You is a song inspired by the beat of Indigenous drums and illustrates the dramatics of removing someone from your life that you once cared about. The song highlights the strength it takes but focuses on how it will be beneficial in the long run. Waiting on you is an anthem about strength, maintaining who you are, and trusting your instincts. 

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